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Legacy Email Update

  1. E-mail a Zoning Technician
  2. Email David Ray
  3. Email Donna Bolinsky
  4. Email Ellen Miller
  5. E-mail Human Resources Generalist Michelle Raphael
  6. Email Jason McGuirk
  7. Email Kyle Fegley
  8. Email Miranda Carhart
  9. Email Planning & Zoning Tech
  10. Email Stephanie Ferrara
  11. E-mail the Airport Manager
  12. E-mail the Assistant City Manager
  13. E-mail the Assistant Maintenance Operations Director
  14. E-mail the Athletic Coordinator
  15. Email the Building Department
  16. E-mail the Chief Building Official
  17. E-mail the Chief Planner
  18. E-mail the City Clerk
  19. E-mail the City Manager
  20. Email the Civic Center Manager
  21. Email the Deputy Chief
  22. E-mail the Development Services Director
  23. Email the Finance Director
  24. Email the Fire Chief
  25. E-mail the Interim CRA Director
  26. E-mail the Mayor
  27. E-mail the Neighborhood Council Vice Chair
  28. E-mail the Public Information Officer
  29. E-mail the Senior Planner
  30. E-mail the Zone 2 Commissioner
  31. E-mail the Zone 4 Commissioner
  1. E-mail Code Enforcement Administrative Specialist
  2. Email David Ray
  3. Email Dorlisa Pogany
  4. E-mail Human Resources Generalist Diane Wilson
  5. Email Jacob Sachs
  6. Email Kelly McQuillen
  7. Email Michael Kolody
  8. Email Permits
  9. Email Plans Coordinator
  10. E-mail the Airport Director
  11. E-mail the Assistant Airport Manager
  12. Email the Assistant Finance Director
  13. Email the Athletic Coordinator
  14. Email the Babe James Program Coordinator
  15. E-mail the Capital Improvement Projects Manager
  16. Email the Chief of Police
  17. Email the City Clerk
  18. Email the City Clerk Administrative Assistant
  19. Email the Civic Center Administrative Specialist
  20. E-mail the Deputy Building Official
  21. E-mail the Development Services Coordinator
  22. E-mail the Engineering Director
  23. E-mail the Finance Director
  24. E-mail the Human Resources Director
  25. E-mail the Interim Leisure Services Director
  26. E-mail the Neighborhood Council Chair
  27. E-mail the Permits Supervisor
  28. Email the Rental Facilities Manager
  29. Email the Special Events and Program Supervisor
  30. E-mail the Zone 3 Commissioner
  31. Email Wendy Hurtubise