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  1. E-mail a Zoning Technician
  2. E-mail City Engineer Peter Youssef
  3. E-mail Human Resources Generalist Diane Wilson
  4. E-mail Neighborhood Council Chair Randy Herman
  5. E-mail Neighborhood Councilmember Constance Meadows
  6. E-mail Neighborhood Councilmember Jonas Roddenberry
  7. E-mail Neighborhood Councilmember Lize Bell
  8. E-mail Planner Jake Baker
  9. E-mail the Assistant City Manager
  10. E-mail the Athletic Coordinator
  11. E-mail the Chief Building Official
  12. E-mail the City Clerk's Office
  13. E-mail the Code Enforcement Administrative Specialist II
  14. E-mail the Community Redevelopment Agency Director
  15. E-mail the Deputy Building Official
  16. E-mail the Development Services Director
  17. E-mail the Engineering Director
  18. E-mail the Executive Assistant
  19. E-mail the Fire Inspector
  20. E-mail the Human Resources Director
  21. E-mail the Leisure Services Director
  22. E-mail the Maintenance Operations Director
  23. E-mail the Mayor
  24. E-mail the Permits Supervisor
  25. E-mail the Senior Planner
  26. E-mail the Zone 1 City Commissioner
  27. E-mail the Zone 3 City Commissioner
  1. E-mail City Engineer Jesse Meyers
  2. E-mail Human Resources
  3. E-mail Human Resources Generalist Michelle Raphael
  4. E-mail Neighborhood Council Vice Chair Shyriaka Morris
  5. E-mail Neighborhood Councilmember Deborah Bell
  6. E-mail Neighborhood Councilmember Linda Palmer
  7. E-mail Neighborhood Councilmember Robert Johnson
  8. E-mail the Airport Office
  9. E-mail the Assistant Leisure Services Director
  10. E-mail the Capital Improvement Projects Manager
  11. E-mail the Chief Planner
  12. E-mail the City Manager
  13. E-mail the Code Enforcement Supervisor
  14. E-mail the Community Resources Coordinator
  15. E-mail the Development Services Coordinator
  16. E-mail the Economic Development & Community Redevelopment Area Director
  17. E-mail the Event Venues Manager
  18. E-mail the Finance Director
  19. E-mail the GIS Analyst
  20. E-mail the Leisure Services Administrative Specialist
  21. E-mail the Maintenance Operations Administrative Specialist
  22. E-mail the Marina
  23. E-mail the New Business Coordinator
  24. E-mail the Public Information Officer
  25. E-mail the Solid Waste Compliance Officer
  26. E-mail the Zone 2 City Commissioner
  27. E-mail the Zone 4 City Commissioner