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User Declaration

  1. Users Declaration:
    The City of New Smyrna Beach requires a Citizen Self Service User read the following declaration. The User will need to complete all required information. The form can be returned in person at the Building Department (2650 North Dixie Freeway, New Smyrna Beach, Florida), faxed to 383.410.2805 or e-mail to
  2. On-Line Permitting:
    On-Line Permitting is an optional internet service provided by the City of New Smyrna Beach, Florida. This internet service is provided without additional convenience fees or merchant account fees charged by the City. The permit fees associated with the issuance of a permit are the same as those assessed if the permit was obtained directly from the Building Department. Should a refund be required, the City of New Smyrna Beach will issue a check in the name of the qualifer listed below or the Business name as registered with the Building Department. A charge back to the user's credit card is not available.
  3. General Conditions:
    On-Line Permitting permit submittals are available for all permits provided that all necessary documents and forms are attached in pdf format. If, subsequent to the issuance of an On-Line Permit, the Building Official determines that plans or other reviews are required for the work undertaken, the Building Official may revoke the permit or suspend the permit until such time as proper reviews and approvals are obtained. As the Applicant, I understand I will be informed of any such revocation or suspension.
  4. Understanding:
    I understand that the issuance of an On-Line Permit shall not serve to legalize any other unpermitted construction not properly identified with the permit application, improper or unauthorized land uses not otherwise legally established. All On-Line Permits are subject to review and approval by the City of New Smyrna Beach Building Department. All work authorized by an On-Line Permit must comply with all applicable state and local statutes, ordinances, rules, regulations, and codes. All work authorized by a permit shall be inspected. Inspections can be requested online or by faxing the City of New Smyrna Beach Building Department at 386.410.2805.
  5. Expired Permits:
    Permits shall automatically EXPIRE and become void if work is not commenced within 180 days following the date of issuance, or if work is suspended or an inspection is not approved within 180 days from the date of issuance.
  6. Applying for a Permit:*
    By applying for a permit, I affirm that at the time of making application and until final inspection and closure of the permit, that I have and will maintain a Certificate of Workers Compensation Issuance or Workers Compensation Exemption, a Certificate of General Liability Inssurance, a valid and current Certificate of Competency License (if a contractor) issued by the State of Florida or Volusia County, as required by state and local laws, and the provisions of Chapter 489 of the Florida Statutes; and any and all other applicable licenses.
  7. I certify:*
    I certify that I read the information and conditions of my receiving and issuance of permits using the On-Line Permitting System. I agree to comply with all applicable state and local statutes, ordinances, rules, regulations, and codes relating to construction, and authorize representatives of the New Smyrna Beach Building Department to enter upon the property for inspections of the permits for which I have obtained.
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