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Farmer's Market Vendor Application


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    2. Vendor’s Application
      We are growing & looking for vendors who can provide locally grown produce and plants, hand made prepared foods, and hand crafted products. It is our recommendation that all applicants carefully distinguish your product against existing products at the market before applying. Applications reviewed the FIRST MONDAY of each month.
    3. 210 Sams Ave New Smyrna Beach (Between City Hall and Old Fort Park)
    4. Type of Vendor*
    5. Cost per 10x10 space is $11.00 per week for Full Time Vendors and $22.00 per week for our Seasonal Part Time Vendors
    6. *Each vendor /participant is responsible for paying their state sales tax, for having required licenses and permits and for liability insurance on their space in the Market, set-up and product as well as their vehicles that load/unload at the Market. Please have copies of required licenses ready to submit upon acceptance into the Market.