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Feb 21

February 20, 2019 (1630-0430)

Posted on February 21, 2019 at 5:54 AM by David Williams

SUPERVISOR:  Sgt D. Williams #716

OFFICER:  T. Ingram #1626

OFFICER:  M. Duker #1635

OFFICER:  J. Jones #1395

OFFICER:  C. Hilton #1583

FTO:  A. Jenkins #1379

K9 OFFICER:  J. Eichhorn #1479


CAD EVENTS:  82   


CASE NUMBER:  190200217

TIME OCCURRED:              1825   

SYNOPSIS: Information Report – 152 Corbin Park Rd. A report was written to document our agency’s involvement with a subject that was taken into custody as a Myers Act by the Sheriff’s Office.


CASE NUMBER:  190200218

TIME OCCURRED:              2240

SYNOPSIS: Information Report – 901 Locust St. A male requested a report to document a form of internet harassment. A report was completed for documentation.   


CASE NUMBER:  190200219

TIME OCCURRED:              0014

SYNOPSIS: Information Report – 301 N. Myrtle Av. (Lexington Place). Our agency responded to investigate a missing person. During the investigation the subject in question was located. A report was completed for documentation. 


CASE NUMBER:  190200220

TIME OCCURRED:              0133

SYNOPSIS: Theft (Cellular Telephone) – 162 N. Causeway. Male reported his cellular phone stolen from his boat.