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May 07

May 6, 2020 (1630-0430)

Posted on May 7, 2020 at 5:13 AM by Richard Kirkland

SUPERVISOR:  Sgt. R. Kirkland #1178

FTO:  W. Helms #1572

OFFICER:  B. Page #0796

OFFICER:  E. Peterson #1555

OFFICER:  J. Jarrell #1631

OFFICER:  R. Corrigan #1616

OFFICER:  M. Grandia #1718


CAD EVENTS: 88                                        


CASE NUMBER:  200500070


SYNOPSIS:   Misdemeanor Arrest (Battery) – 1 Edmond Court– Officers responded for a disturbance.  After the investigation, Blaine Jessmer, male, 31yoa, was arrested for Domestic Battery.  Mr. Jessmer was later transported to the jail.


CASE NUMBER:  200500071 


SYNOPSIS:   Recovered Stolen Vehicle – 1100 North Atlantic Avenue (North Beach Community Park) – Officers encountered a suspicious vehicle in the park after hours.  After the investigation, the vehicle was found to be stolen.  Three juveniles were arrested and one juvenile was issued a civil citation.  Report completed to document the incident.