Community Outreach Program

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In addition to emergency services, the Fire Department also provides the following non-emergency services.

Blood Pressure Checks

Free blood pressure checks are given daily at any of the stations from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. when the crews are in quarters. 

CPR & First Aid

All of the CPR and first aid courses are taught at Fire Station 52, 500 Third Avenue. Class duration depends on the type of course. Participants must register online and prepay for the class by visiting View Course Information for 2019

Fire Prevention Week

Although safety lectures are provided throughout the year, special emphasis is placed on presentations to schools, businesses and groups during Fire Prevention Week. Fire Prevention Week is observed on the Sunday-Saturday period in which October 9 falls.  

High School Job Shadowing

High school students may participate in our Medical Academy and work with our paramedics during school hours. They receive knowledge about the medical field as well as information on careers in firefighting or emergency medical services.

Hurricane Preparedness / Other Emergencies

Fire and Rescue personnel will assist residents and business owners with information and tips on how to prepare and plan for a hurricane or other disaster. 

Risk Watch

Risk Watch is a safety program designed for kindergarten through fourth grade students and covers how to be safe around the environment in which they are growing up. Subjects discussed include motor vehicle safety, fire and burn prevention, choking, suffocation and strangulation prevention, poisoning, falls, firearms injury, bike and pedestrian safety, and water safety.

Smoke Detectors

The smoke detector program is designed to help promote home safety. We will check smoke detectors for proper operation. Prior to us checking smoke detectors, owners or occupants must provide a new 9volt replacement battery for each smoke detector and are encouraged to purchase replacement smoke detector(s). The Florida Building code now requires homeowners without hard-wired smoke detectors to install 10-year sealed battery smoke alarms. The longer life lithium batteries inside can't be tampered with or changed out or operate other electronics in your home. The code only requires homeowners to make the switch when replacing outdated or non-working alarms or installing new ones. The alarms are available at most hardware stores and typically cost between $25 and $50. 

Sporting Events

Medical standby is provided during youth sporting events and during special events throughout the City. 

To schedule or register for a class, please contact the Fire Department Office.