Hunter Creek Paddle

Hunter Creek Smyrna Creek from MDC

Distance: 5.42 miles

Level: Intermediate paddlers

Summary: If you’re looking to only paddle in the backwaters, this route is for you. As you paddle through the mangrove forest, the quiet, peaceful setting is perfect for spotting great blue, little blue and tri-color heron along with snowy and great egrets.  At low tide, a lot of sand bars emerge for an opportunity to explore the marine life including conch, fish eggs, stingrays, and more. This route has very little powerboat traffic except a few boats at high tide. Paddling is great on low tide but watch out for sandbars.

Directions: Launch behind the Marine Discovery Center, 520 Barracuda Drive. Paddle to the left and continue around the property line.  Paddle west into a large creek on the right. At the end, make a right turn.  You will notice a large bay opening on the right, but continue to go through a small opening along the bank. You will see the opening to Hunter Creek on the right (29.043497 80.932304). Continue until you see a small mangrove island. Go around it and enter the opposite creek. You will exit at the Inlet Shores neighborhood. Paddle to the right and enter Smyrna Creek. Paddle southeast to return to the launch area at the Marine Discovery Center.

Launch GPS: N 29  02' 16.24"  W 80  55' 08.36"