Coronado Island Neighborhood

Previously known as the North Causeway Neighborhood, the Coronado Island Neighborhood is on both sides of the S.R. 44 business district, which connects Canal Street and Washington Street on the mainland to Flagler Avenue on the beachside. This neighborhood offers several significant redevelopment opportunities, including the City-owned Administrative Office Building site and the former New Smyrna Beach High School site. There also are several vacant parcels and opportunities for redevelopment. 

As a result of citizen initiatives presented to the City Commission regarding future development along the North Causeway, the City’s Neighborhood Council recommended an individual neighborhood plan be developed for the Coronado Island Neighborhood. The Island’s Neighborhood Plan will review land use and zoning issues and required infrastructure or public safety enhancements.
Recommendations may result in additional changes to the City’s Comprehensive Plan.
The Coronado Island Neighborhood Plan is expected to be completed by late 2015.
Coronado Island neighborhood map
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