Neighborhood Council


The City recognizes that its democracy is enriched by the active participation of an informed citizenry.  It is in the best interest of the City to strengthen neighborhood participation in the governance of the City and building cooperation and improved communication between citizens and City officials.  The Neighborhood Council provides an arena for residents to come together, share information, and make recommendations to the City government on neighborhood or city-wide issues.


The Neighborhood Council provides advisory recommendations to the City Commission, Planning and Zoning Board, Historic Preservation Commission, or any other Board regarding neighborhood issues with city-wide implications, to include:

  • reporting on concerns and interests of the residents in the neighborhoods and in the City as a whole on a regular basis
  • serving as a liaison between the City and the neighborhoods to assist the City with disseminating information on development proposals, initiatives, and projects
  • working to increase citizen participation in the governance of the City
  • encouraging opportunities to increase neighborhood communication, interaction, and problem-solving
  • serving in an advisory capacity on issues brought forth by the City Commission for its deliberation and recommendation
  • performing such other duties and assignments as requested by the City Commission or City Manager


The Neighborhood Council consists of seven members who shall be registered electors and serve as volunteers.  Each City Commissioner shall nominate one regular member for appointment, and each appointee must reside in the zone represented by the Commissioner nominating the member.  The Mayor shall nominate two regular members for appointment, who shall be residents of the City.  The Vice Mayor shall also nominate one regular member for appointment, who shall be a resident of the City.

The seven members of the Neighborhood Council shall serve two-year terms at the pleasure of the City Commission.  If the position of a member becomes vacant for any reason, the City Commission shall appoint another qualified person to serve the unexpired term of the vacated position.  The Neighborhood Council shall work with the City Manager or the City Manager's designee.

Members of the Neighborhood Council shall be residents of the City of New Smyrna Beach.  City employees and members of other City advisory boards may not serve as members of the Neighborhood Council.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings.
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Current Members

  • Chairman Randy Herman
  • Deborah Bell  
  • Elizabeth Bell
  • Teresa Ella Bowen
  • John C. Hallacy
  • Fannie M. Hudson 
  • Marvel Richards