Fire Safety Program

The goal of the fire safety program is to provide an effective means or discovering, documenting and correcting hazards that pose a threat to life and property from fire or other perils. This goal includes providing an awareness and understanding for all citizens sufficient enough so that they can actively apply prevention practices and mitigate threats.

Policy and Implementation

Our Fire Safety Program emphasizes public education and awareness, fire safety inspections and techniques to eliminate or minimize losses. The program is delivered in the field in cooperation with the Fire Department and the business community.

Key Program Objectives

  • Educate and inform the public and business owners of the proper and recognized fire safety codes and standards applicable for their occupancy type.
  • Assess life safety to estimate the quality of security against fire and its effects.
  • Evaluate parameters which create risk and those which tend to offset or mitigate a portion of that risk.
  • Locate, record and affect corrections to common problems concerning life safety and property protection.
  • Familiarize fire department personnel with individual buildings, property locations and fire behavior predictions and ensure incident pre-plans and current and applicable.
  • Create a valid database, through records, to measure and track effectiveness of fire safety inspection endeavors including the continued risk reduction and decrease annual fire loss.

Fire Safety Information

For information on fire safety codes, fire prevention, trash burning, bonfires and fire inspections, please contact the Fire Marshal.

For information on building codes regarding fire walls or occupational licenses, please contact the Building Department

For information on special events please contact the Planning Department