Forms and Applications

Security House Watch Program
Through the Security House Watch Program, the New Smyrna Beach Police Department provides security checks of homes within its corporate limits for residents who are temporally away on vacation. A police department member will periodically check the home to help reduce the possibility of the home being burglarized or vandalized.
House Watch Request Form

Police Care Program
The Police Care Program is a service provided to the citizens of New Smyrna Beach who are alone or handicapped, regardless of age.  This helps keep the person in contact with someone on a regular daily basis.
Police Care Application

Ride-A-Long Program
The Ride-A-Long Program allows citizens to accompany a police officer of the City of New Smyrna Beach in the conduct of police duties during all or a part of the period of twelve (12) hours.
Ride-A-Long Request Waiver Form

Citizen Volunteer Program
The Citizen Volunteer Program is a multi-asset program through which specialized training is provided to civilian volunteers who conduct neighborhood security patrols, parking enforcement and aid in special events with crowd and traffic control. Other volunteers are selected to assist in the records management system and as departmental receptionists.
Police Volunteer Application