2009 Award Recipients

1201 Magnolia Street
The building was built in 1926 in the Dutch Colonial style. There is also a detached carriage house on the property with an apartment above. The current owner, Lori Retz, is only the third owner of the house in 83 years. It was originally owned by the Magruder family. Mr. Magruder is thought to have been the manager of a nearby orange grove, owned by a relative of John D. Rockefeller. The Magruder family’s caretaker lived in the apartment above the carriage house for a number of years.

Both buildings have been meticulously maintained. There are also several beautiful oak trees on the property, as well as numerous palms and shrubs, creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
729 North Dixie Freeway (Dairy Queen)
The building was built in 1953. Jason McGuirk, owner, recently refurbished the building, and spent a great deal of money and effort ensuring that the appearance of the building was not significantly altered. The original sign has been restored, and while a new awning was added to the building, it closely mimics the original awning that was on the building.

The parking lot was also expanded, but Mr. McGuirk was careful to keep the large live oak trees on the property, which provides shade for customers and maintains a beautiful, park-like appearance on the property.