The City of New Smyrna Beach does not maintain a vendor data base, but utilizes ProcureNow to provide current bid information, including automated bid solicitation notifications. There is no charge to vendors wishing to sign up for ProcureNow.

About ProcureNow

The City of New Smyrna Beach is piloting an electronic Request for Proposal (RFP) building software called ProcureNow. ProcureNow will reduce the amount of time it takes for staff to create, post, and evaluate each RFP and will streamline the proposal submittal process for vendors.

ProcureNow guides vendors through submitting an RFP by indicating which sections require a response and what type of a response is required. This will save vendors time by eliminating the need to reread the RFP multiple times to ensure they have met and responded to each criteria.

All proposals will all be submitted electronically in one place and will eliminate the submission of paper proposals.

To view Request for Proposals from the City of New Smyrna Beach, please visit ProcureNow - City of New Smyrna Beach

To register as a vendor and submit proposals, please refer to the ProcureNow Vendor Guides

Click here to visit the legacy DemandStar platform