Zone 1 Commissioner Valli Perrine

Photo of Zone 1 Commissioner Valli Perrine sitting between an American and State of Florida flagValli Perrine, MBA was elected to the New Smyrna Beach (NSB) City Commission Zone 1 seat in 2022. As a commissioner, Valli wants to work towards making our community a better place for our local citizens. Valli wants to make sure each city tax dollar is spent wisely and she plans to work closely with the city finance staff over the next four years.

After spending four years as the NSB Economic Development Board Vice Chair, Valli would like more collaboration between our commission board and other city task boards. Her goal is to promote new and better jobs for our local citizens and high school graduates. She feels that there’s more need to come up with viable solutions concerning our current traffic, infrastructure, and parking problems. She supports our local charm and our local businesses.

Valli was born in Oklahoma and she raised her two beautiful daughters in Indiana. During this time she also spent over 25 years working as a regional finance director for corporations and small businesses. She has successful managerial leadership, accounting, financial analysis, forecasting, process improvement, contract negotiations, logistics, new business start-ups, and marketing experience.

Valli purchased a home in NSB in 2010. She retired from her corporate career and moved to NSB full time in 2014. Valli has family that have lived in NSB for almost 40 years. Her niece and nephew both graduated from NSB High School.

Valli completed her MBA and BA from Concordia University. She is active in various ministries and is a member of FirstNSB church. She enjoys boating, art, concerts, writing, gardening, and travel blogging.

Zone 1 Voting Precinct Map

Zone 1 Voting Precinct Map