Noise Abatement Procedures

Diagram depicting traffic patterns and altitudes for noise abatement procedures at New Smyrna Beach

Pilots Working with Communities

The following voluntary noise abatement procedures are requested unless a deviation is required due to poor weather, ATCT instructions, flight clearance, an in-flight emergency, or any other safety of flight issue.

  • Avoid flying over residential areas when possible.
  • Departing aircraft should climb out at Vy (best rate of climb). Reduce power as soon as safe and practical.
  • No low altitude, high RPM approaches ("dragging it in") on extended downwind, base, and final.
  • Utilize VFR runway markings including fixed distance markers 1,000 ft. past the threshold for flight training.
  • No touch & go operations between 1700 and 0800.
  • No repetitive flight training operations at the airport between 2200 and 0700, on Sundays, and national holidays.
  • No more than eight touch & go’s without coming to a full stop or departing the pattern.
  • No engine maintenance run-ups between 2200 and 0800.