Effective July 1, 2022, Volusia County now performs all permitting, application review, code enforcement, and public hearings for properties within unincorporated Volusia County as part of the Interlocal Service Boundary Agreement.

If you seek a building permit, subdivision, variance, or wish to submit a code enforcement violation, please contact Volusia County at the following phone numbers:

  • Building: 386-626-6591
  • Subdivisions: 386-736-5942
  • Variances: 386-736-5959
  • Code Enforcement: 386-736-5925

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If you reside in an orange area, please contact Volusia County for development services effective July 1, 2022. Download a PDF of this map here.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Overseeing city construction projects to include bidding, contract management, inspections, payment approval, and project closeout
  • Collaborating with Maintenance Operations staff to maintain city streets and stormwater infrastructure
  • Generating maps and infographics using GIS and CADD software
  • Permit review including compliance with city design standards, proper underground work, roadway restoration, and more
  • Managing the FEMA flood insurance certification process to include performing site visits and providing site-specific suggestions to property owners

Public Information

Residents with concerns or experiencing flooding problems, please call the Engineering Department at (386) 410-2810. Upon request, site visits may be made to review the drainage and flooding problems and one-on-one advice provided to the property owner.

City of New Smyrna Beach Title VI Nondiscrimination Policy and Plan

The City of New Smyrna Beach's Title VI plan was developed to guide the City in its administration and management of Title VI-related programs, services, and activities.

Review the Title VI Nondiscrimination Policy and Plan here.