Charter Review Committee

Graphic banner for Charter Review Committee with background photo of a quill and ink on an old desk.


The City of New Smyrna Beach was created in 1887 by adoption of its first charter, which was eventually replaced by the present charter through Chapter 224.08, Special Acts of Florida, 1943.

The City Commission is governed by the City Charter and by state and local laws and regulations. The City Commission is responsible for the establishment and adoption of policy. The execution of such policy is the responsibility of the City Manager.


Composed of eleven (11) members, each of whom must be domiciled in the City. Each member of the City Commission shall nominate two members to the Committee from the citizenry at-large, except the Mayor who shall nominate three members from the citizenry at-large.


The Committee shall evaluate any one or more of the provisions of the City’s Charter, on either its own initiative or at the direction of the City Commission, and determine whether any amendments thereto are necessary and/or desirable. Recommendations of the Committee shall be provided to the City Commission for consideration; however, the recommendations of the Committee shall not be binding on the City Commission. The City Manager or designee and the City Attorney or designee shall provide assistance to the Committee as may be appropriate in order for the Committee to discharge its duties provided herein.

The City of New Smyrna Beach’s current City Charter can be found here.