Turnbull Creek Land Preservation Committee

Turnbull Creel Land Preservation Committee banner depicting Turnbull Creek at sunset


The Turnbull Creek Land Preservation Committee was founded under Resolution No. 42-18, which states it is the desire of the City Commission to appoint citizens to a land preservation committee to review information related to the Turnbull Creek bond referendum.


The Committee shall consist of five regular members, who shall serve without compensation.  Wherever possible the City Commission shall appoint members to the Committee who have demonstrated interest in environmental issues, historic preservation, wildlife, biology, botany, or water quality.  City officers and employees and members of other City advisory boards may not serve as members of the Committee.

Each member of the City Commission shall nominate one regular member to serve on the Committee.  The City Commission shall appoint the members to serve for a six-month term to begin at a date determined by the City Commission.

The members of the Committee serve at the pleasure of the City Commission and may be removed from the Committee by the City Commission with or without cause.  If the position of a member becomes vacant for any reason, the City Commission shall appoint another qualified person to serve the unexpired term of the vacated position.  The Committee shall work with and report to the City Manager.


The Committee shall review any information related to land preservation along Turnbull Creek prior to City Commission approval.


The Committee meets on the second Monday of each month from February through June 2019.  The Committee shall elect a Chair and Vice Chair and meet at such times and such places as requested by the City Manager.  Meetings shall be open to the public and minutes shall be kept.  A public record of the Committee’s minutes shall be maintained and made available for inspection by the public.

To request agenda packets and other material from past meetings, please e-mail the City Clerk or call (386) 410-2630.

Members of the Turnbull Creek Land Preservation Committee

  • Dr. Katie Tripp (Chair)
  • Donna Athearn (Vice Chair)
  • Lamont Ingalls
  • Cathleen Planson
  • Warren "Chip" Weston