Coyotes in NSB

Coyotes in New Smyrna Beach 

Coyotes in the New Smyrna Beach city limits have been seen more frequently. Most often coyotes will appear in dusk and dawn hours, as they are more active at night. Most sightings have been in the areas of south beach district, beachside, and near the airport off US 1 on mainland, and near the golf course. Coyotes travel in packs so where there is one there is more in the area, and as the numbers grow the area we see them more.

Coyotes are losing more and more of their habitat to development and more people moving in, which is forcing them to have to live within close proximity to higher population areas.

 “Why won’t FWC just eradicate coyotes?

Research from Florida and other states has shown that removing coyotes is an inefficient and ineffective method to control local coyote populations. This is because coyotes can compensate by increasing litter size and new coyotes can move into habitat others have been removed from. For these reasons, removal efforts have to be continuous or coyote populations can quickly return to their original size.”


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What to do if you see a coyote: 

  • DO NOT try to approach, back away and go another direction.
  • Coyotes are more afraid of you than you are of them.
  • DO NOT try to feed them
  • Cats and small pets should be kept inside at least overnight to ensure safety.

More detailed information about living with Coyotes provided by FWC (Fish & Wildlife Conservation):

If you are experiencing coyote problems, please contact FWC at (352) 732-1225.