Drone/Model Aircraft Information

New Procedure Rules for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Recreational Users

In accordance with Section 349 of the 2018 FAA Reauthorization Act, New Smyrna Beach (EVB) Airport Operations and the EVB Control Tower will no longer approve or authorize recreational Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operations.

Section 349 of the FAA Re-Authorization Act of 2018 immediately repeals the Special Rule for Model Aircraft (FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, Section 336) and replaces it with new conditions to operate recreational small UAS’s

NEW LAW (2018 FAA Bill – Section 349)

Hobbyist UAS now called Limited Recreational Flyers.

FAA Air Traffic facilities will no longer accept requests for recreational flyers to operate in controlled airspace.

Controlled Airspace Access:

At fixed sites (commonly referred to as flying fields) Have an established agreement with the FAA

Site locations published at http://uas-aa.opendata.arcgis.com/

Operations only authorized up to the altitudes indicated on the UAS facility map (UASFM)

Operations only between sunrise and sunset local time

  • Site must be made known to the facility.
  • Impacted air traffic control facility may disapprove, terminate, restrict, or delay UAS flight operations covered by this authorization at any time.
  • This authorization went into effect on May 17, 2019.

REPLACED OLD LAW (2012 FAA Bill – Section 336)

Recreational/Hobbyist/Modeler required to notify tower if flying within 5 miles of the airport.

ATC could not approve operation – only accept notification.

ATC could deny operation for safety reasons.

Guidance for how and where a recreational UAS operator can operate their UAS can be found at FAA Advisory Circular 91-57B or www.faa.gov/uas.