Annexation Information

Voluntarily annexing into the City
The City of New Smyrna Beach and Volusia County government have worked out an agreement that will allow the unincorporated residents of the New Smyrna Beach area to annex into the City. In the past a property owner wanting to annex into the City needed to be adjacent to the City boundary to be able to annex. With the new agreement that is no longer a requirement. If you own property within the Interlocal Service Boundary Agreement (ISB) (Map) and would like to annex into the City please contact us or use this Application Form

Why does the City want us to Annex ?
Over time the City has grown and our City boundaries have become very complex. This complexity continues to increase and makes it more difficult for us and the County to provide services to our residents. It is the hope of both the City and the County that the ISB agreement will reduce the complexity of our boundaries and will allow us to provide our residents better services for less cost. Our goal over this 10-year initiative is that our city boundaries will be squared off and the adjacent small pocket areas in annex in to the city.

Why should we annex into the City ?
The most important benefit of annexing into the city is having a say in how things are done. Growth will continue to impact the character of our city. By annexing, you will have a say in how this growth is managed and a chance to voice your ideas and concerns. If you live in the county but think of yourself as a New Smyrna Beach resident, please consider annexing into the city.

Additionally City taxes historically have been lower than the County even though City government has increased services for our residents. For example, the City offers its residents twice-a-week trash pick up.

In 2014, the owner of a homesteaded property valued at $171,000 would save $235 per year on property taxes by annexing into the City.  A tax comparison is outlined as part of the frequently asked questions available through this Link.

To find out just how much you can save on your annual tax bill, please call the New Smyrna Beach Finance Department at (386) 410-2650.  By providing your property's parcel ID number from your tax bill, staff can create a report of your projected savings if you decide to annex.

What happens after we annex ?
New City residents often worry about what will happen and how they will be treated after they annex into the City. We would like to assure you that we will treat you with respect and civility and always listen to your concerns. We will do our very best to respond to your request and concerns in a professional and timely manner.

Frequently asked questions

- If you have land zoned for farm animals, we will not change your zoning.
- If you are on a well / septic system, we will not make you connect to the water & sewer lines.
- We will not send Code Enforcement around to check up on you unless there is a complaint. If you'd like, Code Enforcement can visit your location before you annex into the city and advise you of anything that might be of concern.

Please use this Link to download the complete list of FAQs in PDF format.

Is my property within the Interlocal Service Boundary Agreement area ?
Please use this Link to download a PDF map of the ISB and locate you property.
If you need assistance locating your property, please call at (386) 410-2813.

What's next ?
 If you have more questions about annexing into the City or would like to get the process started, please use the contact information below.

The New Smyrna Beach Planning Department will help you get the annexation started. You can reach us by calling 
(386) 410-2800 or by Email at .  

For additional questions and information:

Building Department                     Maintenance Operations 
(386) 410-2800                                  (386) 424-2205

Finance Department                     Code Enforcement
(386) 410-2600                               (386) 410-2800
Police Department                        Fire Department
(386) 424-2220                               (386) 402-8125