Rental Facilities

To inquire about the Brannon Civic Center, Woman's Club or Coronado Civic Center, please call 386-410-2880.  For the Alonzo 'Babe' James Center, please call 386-410-2890.

Brannon Civic Center

This new, waterfront civic center allows event planners to have a place to seat more than 600 people.
The new Brannon Civic Center includes an outdoor terrace to highlight one of our area’s biggest assets… the Indian River. 
The new single-story, 13,900-square-foot civic center offers:


  • a 6,500-sq-foot grand ballroom that’s flexible in size. The grand ballroom can be partitioned for smaller events or combined with adjacent multi-use spaces for a combined total more than 1,850 sq feet.
  • a 340-sq-foot catering kitchen.
  • a 1,950-sq-foot lobby area.
  • administrative offices.
  • larger restrooms.
  • an outdoor green space on the south side of the building for viewing outdoor concerts and performances.
  • and a 7,500-sq-foot terrace on the east side of the building that will maximize the river view. In some areas, the terrace will be as close as 20 feet to the seawall. 
The Brannon Civic Center is located at 105 South Riverside.
For more information, please call New Smyrna Beach Leisure Services at 386-410-2880. Follow construction progress here

Alonzo 'Babe' James Center

Located at 201 North Myrtle Avenue, this facility is equipped with a game room for ping-pong, pool, and a variety of activities, and a gymnasium. The building is available for all ages and is home PAL tutoring program. Map

Woman's Club

This facility is located at 403 Magnolia Street at the South Causeway overpass. The building features a catering kitchen (no stove), stage, and clubroom. Map

Coronado Civic Center

Located at the corner of Flagler and Pine Street. The facility is home to the Coronado Shuffleboard Club with 20 lighted courts for club play. The Civic Center recreation building includes a dining room, catering kitchen (no stove), and dance hall. Map

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