CCR Kick-Off

Coastal Community Resilience, New Smyrna Beach, a sense of place. Clay Henderson. January 16, 2018. CCR Kick-Off. 
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Data breakdown of participant's feedback from January 16, 2018 CCR
Excel spreadsheet sorted by table/color of sheet line by line 
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Environment & Cultural Resources

Flood Mitigation Strategies for Central Beach. David Hamstra. January 9, 2018. New Smyrna Beach Commission Meeting. 
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Learning to Live with Water. Mike Vogel. November 2017. Florida Trend. 
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Flood Mitigation Strategies for Central Beach. David Hamstra. January 25, 2018. New Smyrna Beach Central Beach Community Meeting. 
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Sea Level Rise Information. Frank Marshall. February 20, 2018. New Smyrna Beach Coastal Community Resiliency Meeting.
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Growth & Development

Volusia County Building Permit Data. First Quarter 2018. Volusia County Economic Development Quarterly online publication. pages 13-14.
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Southeast Volusia Industry: Source: Florida Department of Economic Development. 
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Economic Development Advisory Board Report Jan. 17, 2018 including articles focusing on growing local businesses, workforce development, and support for start-ups. 
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